It seems sleep is going to be a luxury for the next month as we were on the road but 7.30 in order to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

The border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia was crazy. There were people everywhere and their favourite hobby seemed to be to stare at us, especially Katy who is half Jamaican with crazy affro hair.

Siem Reap

We went to the New Hope foundation for dinner but first sat in an English lesson for a group of Cambodian teenagers. This school is free for them (unlike most schools here) and therefore aims to help families get out of a cycle of poverty, begging and prostitution. The children were so keen to learn and talk to us and the experience has definitely made me want to study for my TEFL after my NQT year is out of the way. Dinner was cooked in the onsite restaraunt school and included an appatizer of crickets fried with chilli which were actually quite tastey!

The next day we were up at 4 in the morning so we could get to Angkor Wat in time to see the sunrise. This turned out to be completely worth it, although after visiting Ta Prohm (the temple Tomb Raider was filmed in) and Bayon Temple (a Buddhist temple with tonnes of carvings of faces) queing with a load of Chinese tourists with no concept of personal space in the midday heat to climb to the top of Angkor Wat was not my favourite part of the day.


After a power nap we went quad biking round the rice fields and got to see and stroke a buffalo. This was so fun! This was followed by shopping spree at the night market (I am now the proud owner of several cliché pairs of baggy elephant trousers) we were all well and truly ready to celebrate our travels over some very strong cocktails and then opportunity to teach the locals how to do the macarena (obviously one of my prouder moments). Cambodian Singapore Slings are amazing for future reference!


Phonm Penn

We had a small and well needed lie in before the 5 hour bus journey to the Cambodian capital today. We got their quite late and so I decided to have pudding for dinner as I was quite tired. We again visited the night market although this one seemed to have a more western influence and I didn’t buy much.

We were up early the next morning to visit the S21 prison and Killing Fields used during the X regime. This was a struggle for everyone seeing the conditions 2million people were kept in and the smashed skulls of the victims who had been beaten to death.

During the afternoon we had some relaxation time by the pool followed by dinner, ice cream and most importantly frozen margaritas!


After a 5 hour, hot, sweaty grumpy bus journey it was time for the most well deserved sunbathe on the beach! The sand was so white and the sea turquoise; absolute paradise! We had a beach BBQ for dinner and watched people set off fireworks and lanterns right next to our table. Provably a bit of a hazard but in Asia health and safety does not exist haha.

We then partied in a local beach bar watching fire dancers and people doing the limbo under fire sticks! Whiskey and coke buckets were also $1 which made this place a winner all round. I could live in this paradise forever. There was a job going in the bar which seems a bit more tempting than teaching 30 children in September! We ended our party time with a swim in the sea before heading back.

Unfortunately the night came to a bit of a sour end as one of the girls I was with got her bag stolen by a man on a moped. She is covered in cuts a bruises and I have a big graze and bruise from my knee to ankle but luckily he got away with nothing more than $70, so a valuable lesson was learnt with limited consequences.

The next day we went on a boat trip and snorkled in the coral reef and had a BBQ on an island. The whole group for fairly burnt but it was lovely to sunbathe and drink bacrdi lying in the shallows.


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