Landing in Bangkok was overhwelming when the actual realisation that I am going to be in South-east Asia for the next 5 weeks actually sunk in. After panicking that I wouldn’t be able to find my hotel I finally got there to be told I could not check in for another 2 hours. This called for my first adventure to find water and snacks.

I met up with some people doing similar trips to me and in the evening we took a boat trio round the river ending at China Town where I had my first taste of street food (£1 and I didn’t die or get sick!), it was amazing. I’m probably going to get very chubby when I’m out here!

The following day we managed to find the water taxi and explored the beautiful temples Bangkok has to offer although somehow we didn’t manage to find the statue of standing Buddha even though it is the biggest in Asia. I got back to my room to find a girl called Alix had moved in; I was a bit surprised at first but she’ll be sharing my room for the rest of the trip and seems lovely. We met the rest of the group that evening and after a few beers got quite excited for what’s to come!

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