Summary of 2014

It’s surprising how lazy I become on updating this blog when I’m living in the UK… I guess when working full time I don’t think there is anything worth reporting!

So here is a summary of 2014!


Shropshire Mud Run (10KM)

My first 10km run and it was freezing cold, extremely muddy, we were chest height in a swamp for 2+ km! Good fun though!

London to Brighton Cycle – On Road

83.6km (+ 20km getting to/from the start line) over 4:40minutes

45 minutes stuck at the 22 mile mark due to accident on the road – Rest was mostly smooth sailing 🙂

CX tyres didn’t get delivered in time so I was on full knobblies on my MTB.

Holi Festival

Big party in London. Intoxication, paint and music… you guess the rest.



Tough Mudder – Midlands

12 miles, 24 obstacles, 4ish hours? GREAT FUN!


London to Brighton Cycle – Off Road

This was HARD. Hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m not sure I would be happy doing it again.

120km + 15km getting to/from start line over 9hours 40minutes (6 hours 30 minutes in the saddle) off-road where even when flat you could feel the mud dragging you down. Few points on the journey I wanted to just stop and give up but kept pushing.

Huge thanks to Mike & Rich that helped me through!



Foreign Travel….

I did manage a long weekend in Milan & Rome and a week in Barcelona. Milan I don’t think I would go back to but I absolutely LOVED both Rome & Barcelona!


So that’s it. A quick summary of 2014! This year I have a few things planned: next week!
A couple 10km mud runs in April
Tough Mudder again in May
and then summer is upon us!

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