Just a quick post to fill in the gaps before starting afresh!

After coming back from all that fun in the sun over in Miami & Roatan I landed a IT contract for Deloitte in Birmingham for a few months. This got me enough money to shoot off to Canada on a 1 year working via in Sept 2013.

I spent the best part of 2.5 months in Toronto having fun & looking for work before landing a job as a Lift Operator at Blue Mountain, a ski resort in north Ontario… Summary: Good people, shit job, cold, no money, free ski pass, learnt to ski / snowboard.

In March 2013 I got offered an IT contract back at Eisai for 6+ months. Took it and here I am today.



This is an old draft that never got published but basically sums up my time between Oct 2011 and March 2012 when I was in Roatan doing my PADI DM & OSWI courses!


Sorry for not updating during my last stint out of the country… I don’t really have any excuses other than I never got round to it and with ‘working’ / diving 6 days a week it wasn’t highest on my priority list.


Location: Miami, USA
Accommodation: Hostel – Miami Beach International Travellers Hostel

  • $17 a night with free breakfast, lunch & dinner (basic but free!)
  • One block from the beach.
  • Party night every night with free/cheap drink and cheap entry to night clubs.
  • Damn good people!

Highlights: Ozzie Bar, Nikki Beach, Awesome Cuban sandwich’s!, HALLOWEEN!



Location: Roatan, Honduras
Accommodation: Intern House! <PHOTOS!>

  • 11 Bed / 5 Rooms house with a few issues, no windows, broken floorboards, pet cat that hates people and bats… I loved it.

Summary: I started my PADI Divemaster internship with Subway Watersports (6-8 week program to go from Advanced Open Water to Divemaster) which basically entailed working in the store 6 days a week, hauling tanks, helping guests and getting my dive numbers up while also doing my own training for Rescue Diver and Divemaster.

Highlights: Obviously the diving & fellow interns however we also had some amazing guests during our first month… An awesome couple who invited the whole team round to their rented house and cooked a massive Thanksgiving turkey dinner and also Eugene who joined us for a big party night in town and must of spent a small fortune keeping drinks in our hands for the entire night.



Location: Roatan. Honduras
Accommodation: Still at Intern House

Summary: Me and my dive buddy Mark finished our DM and both started working for the store the next day. Our days now involved either taking customers (mainly cruise shippers) diving, snorkelling trips, kayaking (while trying to come up with something to point out when there was nothing to see) or helping out with the interns.

Highlights: Passing all the required stuff for DM, starting work, Christmas (Thanks to the bosses Kim & Ed for putting on traditional English/Canadian spread) and New Years (drinking games, midnight skinny dipping in the ocean, hijacking local resort & still going at 7am)



Location: Roatan, Honduras & Miami, USA
Accommodation: Intern House > Miami Hostel > New House!

Summary: Beginning of the month involved more of the same from month before however I had now decided I wanted to continue my diving education and work towards my PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor cert so I would be able to teach people to dive! woo!

I had to leave Honduras mid Jan to go on a visa run (tourist visa is only 3 months) so I decided to pop back to Miami for a couple weeks and use the opportunity to buy myself a full set of scuba gear from the states. Also got given a long list of things to buy from everyone at work as the selection on Roatan is a tad limited and quite pricey.

Sooooo 2 weeks in Miami doing more of the same from last time (party, sleep, beach, repeat) but also some shopping and relaxing.

Once I was back in Roatan I moved in with Mark into a house just down the road from the Intern House… it was nice having my own room and some space/quite to study in for the PADI OWSI which involves a lot more theory than DM did… Check out the photos <here>

At the end of the month I had a diving accident. 2 standard dives (1x 70ft Max 40min – 1hr Surface – 1x 55ft Max 45min) with 2 guests and another DM leading. Nothing strange about the dive, no fast accent or anything yet soon as I was back on the boat I was very dizzy & I couldn’t move my right arm or leg.

Summary of what happened: Put on O2, driven to local medical/chamber, 4 hours on O2, some random checks, no time in chamber, told I may have a hole in my heart (PFO – patent foramen ovale), had to fly to the mainland next day to get an ultrasound of my heart, put to sleep, tube down throat, woken up, told all OK, fly back to Roatan, back to work!



Location: Roatan, Honduras
Accommodation: House in Birck Bay

Summary: Stopped working now that I’m starting my OSWI with an awesome course director from Hawaii (Tim Palmer) – Lots of work, lots of theory, lots of training…. Good fun though!

An examiner came down from PADI USA to Roatan to test the groups from 4-5 of the shops on the island. It was a 2 day exam consisting of Confined Water, Open Water and class room demonstrations & teaching and also written exams…. quite nerve racking as if you failed you couldn’t retest until the examiner came back next month.

Everyone passed with flying colours and then big party afterwards!



Location: Roatan > Miami > Home
Accommodation: House in Brick Bay > Airports > Home!

Summary: After completing OSWI we continued to work towards Master Scuba Diver Trainer with our course director Tim. Again it was a lot of work as we were limited on time but overall good fun!

But alas it was time to head home… only problem was that the only cheap way I found was extremely long.

Sat 6am: Ferry from Roatan to Honduras mainland
Sat 10am: Coach from La Cebia to San Pedro Sula
Sat 4pm: Arrived at San Pedro Sula Airport… Time to get comfortable…
Sun 9am: Flight from San Pedro to Miami
Sun 1pm: Arrived at Miami International Airport
Sun 4pm: Flight from Miami to Dusseldorf, Germany.
Mon 7am: Arrived at Dusseldorf.
Mon 9:30am: Flight from Dusseldorf to London
Mon 10am: Arrived at London Gatwick Airport
Mon 12pm: Bus from London Gatwick to Birmingham
Mon 4pm: Train from Birmingham to Shrewsbury
Mon 6pm: Home, sweet, lovely, omg where is my bed, Home!

Wow its been what? 2.5 years since I’ve posted here… I’ve also found some unpublished drafts from the last bit of time so I’ll throw those up and then set a “Let’s start again!” post after them for future plans!