Vietnam – Nha Trang, Mui Ne & HCMC – Water water everywhere!

Nha Trang

Now up to 7 of us in the group (Jess, Rach, Izzy, Matt, Andrew, Julia & Myself) we hit the more backpackery / party town of Nha Trang just in time for the full moon party!

Start with the standard stuff: The hostel was alright, at first it was annoying as we booked in as 5 people but they split us into different rooms (different floors actually) but in the end wasn’t all bad. Me and Rach got a 4 bed room and a new room-mate who we adopted… Dickie!

So here’s what we got up in during our week(?) there.

Full Moon Party: One of the first nights out happened to be a full moon which meant plenty of drinking followed by dancing and more drinking on the beach.


Funky Monkey Boat Trip: We saw the adverts everywhere for random day trips out on boats in the harbour so we paid our $6 and jumped onto one without really knowing what was going to happen. Turned into an excellent day out on the water, drinking, jumping off the boat, enjoying a good meal and then sitting in floatation rings holding onto a free floating bar in the middle of the sea.

<not sure if I have photos>

VINPEARL! – One of the best days out I’ve had in a LONG time. Until we found out what the place actually was it was just a very tacky eyesore on an island not too far away


When we found out it was a huge waterpark, amusements & fairground we decided to go take a look. The ticket was about £10 and to get there you had to take one mother of a cable car ride (longest over water cable car in the world) which due to my horrible fear of heights wasn’t the most fun… the others enjoyed it though.

<Cable Car>

Once on the island all the entertainment was free. Starting off on the rollercoasters, then bumper cars, we then headed to the main reason we had come… WATER!!! WOOO!

The park was huge, loads of suicidal slides and a huge ‘lazy river’ that ran round the whole place and was used as transportation to get around

<Lazy River>

By far the best slides were the ones you went down in the rubber rings, especially when we were trying to make huge chains of people (and accidently pulling the safety man down the slide with us).


End of the day we were all like little kids after a day in the park. Tired and all spent out. Time for food.

Talking about food there was an amazing Italian restaurant round the corner from our hostel called Fernando’s! The place was cheap (£3 a meal), huge portions and really really good. Our host was a typical Italian host always checking on us, giving us free deserts / drinks and extremely friendly. We loved this place (every day we were there :P).


There was also an excellent Indian restaurant.

Mui Ne

Couple of days doing nothing again. We did visit the sand dunes which were pretty cool but that’s about it – it started raining and didn’t really stop until we left the country – We had been stupidly lucky with the weather so far so can’t complain now it’s coming to an end.

Ho Chi Minh City

Last stop before we go our separate ways – getting ripped off by the taxi’s from the bus stop (first time in ‘Nam) – trouble finding the hotel – crap weather – all of it added up to us not being so happy when we were told we had to walk up 5 flights of stairs to our room… as I had booked us into this place, people weren’t happy!

Well they all forgave me when we got into the room. It was a ‘dorm’ as it had 5 bunk beds but apart from that it was a hotel room with couple of showers, TV, sofa, towels and mini toothbrushes/shampoo!

We didn’t really do too much here for our final days. Bit of drinking, watched Inbetweeners and just wound down before leaving the country. The city was nice and it was defiantly a place I would of liked to of stayed for a while to explore but no time and no money meant this wouldn’t happen.

Goodbye my Vietnam traveling family – you will be missed.

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