Xi’an & The Terracotta Warriors

Much bigger city than I was expecting and as I only spent 2 nights there I don’t have that much to say about the place. The hostel (Shanyaun) was great and very cheap, the people I met were awesome, I had a couple crazy drinking nights – mainly working my way through the hostels whole cocktail list with a girl from Leicester – and went to go see the Terracotta Warriors.

<Army photo>

The Terracotta Warriors were pretty cool (check out the history details) but a lot of people were disappointed. Not much to report so here are a few photos:


I left Xi’an for Guilin that night and it has been the first time I’ve truly felt like ‘the westerner’. People staring blatantly and taking photos, sometimes with a friend walking behind me or standing over my shoulder so it looks like they are with me in the photo, everything I do is watched to see if I’m doing it differently… even now as I write this on a notepad I have 3 guys looking over my shoulder… It’s enough to give someone a complex.

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