Vietnam – Hue, Hoi An & a lot of broken glass!


Well we didn’t actually do anything in Hue. Actually apart from going round the corner to confirm our onward bus tickets I didn’t leave the street the hostel was on. None of us felt that great and the only thing we could think of was the food we had when we were at the DMZ… it didn’t immobilize just increase laziness.

The bar at the hostel (Hue Backpackers) was a brilliant place. Food wasn’t bad and drinks were great. From 5-6pm was unlimited free beer (you just had to finish a bottle before being given another) and then happy hour was soon after.

On the first night there the barman was giving free shots to everyone every time the Roosters (Australian rugby league) scored… they won against the Panthers 34/12 – Everyone was pretty drunk before 10.

Here we met Matt and bumped into Andrew & Julia again… seems they are a few days behind us.

Hoi An

600+ tailors in this town and it shows. Everywhere you look are clothes & material shops and you can get anything you want made here, they will copy any designer stuff or make from scratch and do it CHEAP.

The beach was one of the most beautiful I’ve been to and the water was silly warm (30C+) but it was a shame about the amount of Vietnamese women trying to sell you crap ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME! LEAVE ME ALONE I’M TRYING TO SLEEP/READ/RELAX!

We were staying in a family room in a hotel – not a bad room and the place had a swimming pool & room service which was nice. Matt was staying somewhere else but spent most of his time with us… we had gained a new family member.

Soooo a lot of you know about this, we had a bit of a crazy night out which had me riding a motorbike back to the hotel at 3am very drunk (with the owner on the back making sure all was going well). When I arrived at the hotel the place was dark and there was a huge gate across the entrance to the carpark, I started thinking “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!”

No-one was answering the buzzer so the motoman gave me a leg over the fence and I started knocking on the hotel doors (which were bicycle locked) until someone came and opened up asking “Hello, can I help” – well of course you can, I’m staying here and would like to get into my room!

“Oh ok, go ahead” – He lets me in and then starts locking the door. Wait a minute what happened to 24 hour reception? What are the girls going to do? This isn’t right! *ranting started here*

I started ranting a bit in my drunken state until someone who actually understood my ranting appeared at reception and asked how they could help. Well you can start off by explaining how this is 24 hour reception? “It isn’t, we don’t have a 24 hour reception” – oh really then why does this flyer for your hotel in my pocket say it does?!

*more ranting* How are the girls going to get in? I mean come on, I don’t expect them to vault over a fence and then bang on the doors.

*blank looks from reception*

Ah screw it, I’ll go outside and wait for them myself… *grab door handle, open door, holding just the door handle and lots of broken glass*

Oh shit.

That was the basic chain of events that led to me breaking the large glass door of a 3 star hotel in Vietnam. What happened after was I waited for them to talk to the manager and agree on what was to be done… they wanted US$200 from me to replace the door. Now this isn’t unexpected & I was a bit reluctant to pay it but there were certain things that were bothering me…

  • They had my passport.
  • I didn’t know anything about the Vietnamese police or how they would deal with this.
  • Any CCTV would show a drunken rant & a door smashing even if it wasn’t in anger.

I refused to pay and they called the police. This is where I explained that I wasn’t refusing because I didn’t want to pay (well I didn’t but sshhhh) but because I actually couldn’t afford $200 as I was near the end of my trip (not a lie). They made some calls and said they would take $100 and that would be it over and done with… £62 for my passport back and pay for a door without police? Sure! Done!

We left after nearly a week in Hoi An and apart from that incident it was a lovely place.

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