Still Alive!

Sorry for no posts guys. Due to so many sites being blocked here in China I can’t load the full client to post (so can only do plain text) and can’t upload any photos or videos so give me some time. I’ll be in Vietnam in a week or so and will get Mongolia, Beijing, Xi’an and Yangshou posts up!

In the mean time I got a couple random things to post which I’ll work on later.


  1. Omg .. leon… scary shit… Kev just threw me this URL, good on you 🙂 shame about the timing, Nat and I got our Aussie visas so we will be living in AUS from next year. When are you due back in uk ?

  2. Hey Ado – Been a long time!

    Grats on getting the Oz visa’s sorted, I loved my year there and it’s still my #1 place I want to move too once I’ve finished the next few years of travelling.

    I’ll be back in London in about a month and will prob be around for about 6 months before heading off again (want to do a year in Canada before deciding where to focus my emigration efforts).

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