Well Moscow… where to begin? First and foremost lets get this out of the way – Moscow is the most expensive, unfriendly tourist place I have ever been. There isn’t a single tourist information place in the whole city, people generally don’t speak any English and more or less dismiss you when you don’t speak any Russian, all signs are in Cyrillic (including the tourist areas like Red Square & The Kremlin) and add in the fact the visa costs a chunk to get & takes a while to process shows they really don’t care about foreign tourist trade. That being said I had a great time during my week there!

Day on was essentially the tourist stuff which basically consists of Red Square and The Kremlin.

Part of Red Square was a nice park surrounding the Kremlin wall. Grass, trees, fountains (with lots of people playing in them) and cheap draft beer from all the kiosks kicking about. As you head into the main area there are a few things such as the tomb of the forgetton solider, the huge Gum shopping centre (full of things I can’t afford), Lenin’s tomb (which is a bit creepy) and the impressive St Basil’s Cathedral (pictured above).

Inside The Kremin, which was nice a cheap to get into due to my dodgy student card, are plenty more cathedrals, the worlds biggest bell (which has never been rung) and the worlds biggest cannon (which has never been fired) and thats about it so I found somewhere to nap for the afternoon –  Sleep in Russia’s seat of power…. check!

As of what I did for the rest of my time in Moscow, well you can probably guess…. I was sampling its night life!

Every night in Moscow involved not getting to bed until the sun had risen. The first night I met up with two lovely half English/Russian girls (Maria & Katya) one of which I was in contact with a while ago as she’s going a similar trip to mine. Dragging alone an Irish guy from the hostel (Danny) we went to a couple local places and ended up in Propaganda. Now this place is mentioned in every tour book/guide/website etc and is basically one of those places that is really crappy but at the same time awesomely brilliant.

Russian guys in their silk shirts doing their awesome sway dance, Russian girls who come and their ass on you as your swaying but god forbid trying to touch them… we have come to the conclusion you are only allowed to touch them with your penis… interesting. Anyway I can’t really get across how good & bad this place was, you just have to sample it yourselves (which I did on several occasions).

After the night out with the girls the next 4 nights were spent with my fellow backpackers. 2 Danish guys (Jeppe & Mads), 2 English (Josh & Zak), a Polish (Magic) and an Ozzie (Tom) spent our time in Propaganda invading tables of Russia girls and taking part in the mono-directional sway on the dance floor!

On a random side note I always believed Russia would a cold (or at least cooler than central Europe) country but nooooooooo the place was 36-42C all the god damn time. No-where has fans nevermind air conditioning and by the end of the week I was extremely bored of swearing 24/7.

Bring on Siberia after this next 5178km train ride!


  1. Great stuff mate! Particularly liked the map! I am realising that my train experience is limited – got to hit some of those sleeper trains me thinks! Hope all’s well & that Stansted wasn’t too nasty!

  2. @Steve
    Haha well the sleepers are pretty cool actually. You usually meet a few good people and it helps that you don’t have to pay for somewhere to stay but still get a good bed 🙂

  3. @Steve

    I’m afraid I’m stuck working in London until the end of this contact (end of Sept) but then planning another big trip East Coast States > East Canada > Across to West Canada > West Coast States > Mexico > South America but its still in the ideas phase at the moment.

    I’m following the news about the quakes and tsunami it’s crazy! Hope nothing bad reaches you.

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