London to Budapest


Well I’ve been in Budapest for about an hours now and I’m dead on my feet! Anyway heres the journey so far…

I was going to take a photo of each train and station so we could compare between the countries I’m going through but as I don’t like looking like a tourist and most trains are exactly the same this is the only one you get!

London to Paris:
I had to get up at 5am which was a hell of a struggle due to a few too many with Sho in London the night before… So after I got to Kings Cross, got through security and passport control I just wanted to curl up and sleep but noooooooo that wasn’t allowed. Some fat french woman sitting oposite me decided to go to sleep and spend the 1st hour of the journey kicking me in shins!!! FUN!

In the end I decided to retreat to the safety of the bar and ended up chatting to 2 ozzie girls who were Inter-railing around Europe and an American man with his son who was a bit of a train spotter and was very jealous of my plans to do the Trans-Sib next month.

I got to Paris at 11am (local time) and decided to best thing to do was find a park, enjoy the weather, get some sleep, not spend any money… well of course that failed. I was reminded of Paris’ major problem… the dislike of the English. I was woken up and escorted out of the park after about 15min of being there – I think they thought I was setting up camp as I had all my stuff with me – So i did the thing a homeless person should do and went to sleep in the train station with the rest of the beggars.

9 euro for a sandwich!!!!!!!!!! That was basically my days budget on a crap ham and cheese (not even proper cheese, shitty soft stuff) sandwich!

Paris to Munich
A 6 hour train and nothing special really. Scenery was quite pretty but most of it just reminded me of what we already see in England (rolling green hills & fields). As we got more eastwards into the mountains you saw some of the villages where all the houses are crammed together with the huge anti-snow peaked roofs.

Huge thanks goes to the cute french girl who kept me sane by giving me someone to talk to if only for a while. Hope you have fun in Munich this week!

As for what I did when I got to Munich? Well I only had 2 hours so found a nice bar next to the train station and enjoyed some lovely German beer for a happy 3 Euro for 0.5ltr! Win!

Couple of notes: It seems like you MUST use your beer mat in Germany. I was frowned at when I didn’t use the one supplied because I wasn’t paying attention… oh and it wasn’t the best time to be in Germany with the whole world cup thing.

Munich to Budapest:
Well this wasn’t the happiest of journeys. As I’ve only just started traveling again I haven’t quite got the ability to sleep in any situation back so having 6 of us crammed into a small booth from 11pm till 9am in the heat and noise wasn’t happy and that is why I feel so crappy right now. It was nice to have a good chat with 7 young English inter-railers doing their first stint away from home before going to uni… How their views and ideas will change!

Man I don’t know how I used to go to Europe and not care about language?!? I’ve felt like such a dick from just 4 hours in Paris and 2 in Munich by not knowing the most simple statements / questions in the local language. Every time I kept trying to think back to what I used to know in French or German I ended up dredging up Japanese which isn’t helpful at all!

Here’s my new ‘must know’ list for each country I spent any time in:

Numbers 1-10
1 beer please (number & beer can be replaced by other things)
Thank you
Excuse me
Same again (please)
Sorry I don’t speak <language>. English?

And if your female I suppose you should also learn “Where is …”

So there we have it. I’m sitting in the Hostel after struggling to get my head around the Budapest transport system, I feel refreshed after a well needed shower but eyes are heavy and stomach is empty so looks like I have to go find some food and then maybe a nap!

Tomorrow I’m heading down to Novi Sad for the festival so there won’t be any contact until at least the 14th – Catch you later!

Oh if I’m feeling up to it I might do a video later but on this crappy internet connection I may never have the chance to upload it.


  1. Hey, sounds good so far! lmao that you got escorted out of a French park, so very Leon XD Good job you’re hundreds of miles away or I feel the female readers would likely hit you for that must-know-phrases comment lol :p have an ace time at Exit!! nic xxx

  2. Hey Leon,
    Glad you’re safe and well on your way … great idea setting up the blog, really gonna enjoy reading it and finding out what you’ve been getting up to …

    I’m jealous already !!

    Have a great time !!

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