Exit Festival – Serbia


Well I don’t even know where to start… It was 10 days of drink, drugs and sleep deprivation adding upto a blur of awesomeness!

This was the final lineup in the end: (click for bigger image)
For those that don’t know how it works, the actual festival is 4 days (Music from about 10pm till 8am) and camping is 10 days over the top. The camping area has a couple small stages, shops and a chillout zone so its like a mini festival in itself.

So the beginning… Well first of all the night train down from Budapest to Novi Sad was a bitch. Way too many people crammed onto a small train – It was a bonding experience with your fellow man as you were trying to sleep on top of them!

and then 9 hours later it was 6am, the train had just pulled into Novi Sad and in my rush to get off I sort of… missed the steps and took a long chunk off my arm

After standing up and pretending nothing had happened I walked half way down the platform realised I was in quite a lot of pain but that lead to me meeting a group of English guys who I ended up heading to the festival with and setting up camp so not all bad.

We were the first group to get to the campsite (7am on Monday morning) and nothing was setup yet, no medical tent and no running water so I had to just leave it be and freak out the wrist band woman when she asked for my arm 😉 After camp was setup (in a nice shady place everyone hated us for later) I went to the newly errected medical tent and confused the man by showing him my arm only 1 hour into the 10 days.

I started talking to two English guys who ended up camping next to us, I got 2 shocks from these guys, 1 is that one of them was from Shrewsbury (my small hometown) and then 2nd is that they are Cycling from London to Sydney over the next 18months!! I would recommend everyone go take a look at their site: http://www.theblazingsaddles.com/ They are just 2 guys doing the journey on the cheap (5 euro a day, sleeping rough most nights) for a laugh and to raise some money for charities…. donate if you can spare a few quid.

Well thats the setup for the next 10 days. After that its just the following repeated many times: Meeting people, drink Vodka & Beer, shout COCO LOCO!!!! at random people to confuse them, speed, ket, beer, falling over, moshing, dancing, raving, waking up in strange places, Sexy Funky Cool Beer!, UNO!, cardgames, drinking games, expensive taxis, nasty rakia, hurting myself (fight with a tree, going to a festival in flipflop and losing a toenail etc)

Big shout out to Sho, Alfie, Danny & Becca who I spent some of the greatest times of the festival with.

I didn’t take any photos as I would of lost my camera, there are plenty of the festival and even a few of me on the offical website (http://eng.exitfest.org) and http://uk.tilllate.com/en/news/exit-festival-2010#photos

It’s quite depressing there is a video out there of me on the big screen… shame it was when I was near the front of Missy Elliot… oh the shame.

Well there is my basic recollection of what went on. Would be here if I went into bands/artists but I will say that Sunday was the most disappointing day and Saturday was the best. I will do another update about Belgrade and Budapest in a few days once I move hostel.


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