Belgrade & Budapest

Belgrade & Budapest

Waiting on Zack to upload his photos to facebook… until he does this post will be a wall of text / placeholders!

Belgrade – Serbia

After the festival Sho, Alfie, Danny, Becca & Myself went to Belgrade for a couple days and to be honest I don’t have much to say about the city. It’s strangely arranged so you tend not to find what you are looking for and all the places that open late are on weird little streets. Nothing much happened in the time we were there, couple normal nights out and thats about it.

One thing I do have to point out though… one of (if not the best) hostel I’ve ever stayed at is there The Adagio Hostel Belgrade is run by a lovely woman Masha who went so much out of her way to make us feel welcome and at home. Some free beer, vodka, washing, great information and tips about local area, it was stupid clean and very well styled… can’t recommend it enough. The only downside was finding it but a quick phonecall and Masha came and found us!#

Budapest – Hungary

Overall I spent 10 days in Budapest (couple before the festival and rest after Belgrade) and I really started to love the city. In 2006 when I was last here we didn’t really venture past the train station and it left me with the impression of a dirty, poor city and I never really had an urge to go back… how wrong I was.

The first couple of days I did the recovery/tourist thing and spent my days walking around some of the sights:

Outside the underground church – Halfway up the huge citadel hill on Buda side of the river.

Inside the Church thats inside the hill.

Not sure what this actually is… It’s on Castle Hill, Buda side.

And there are plenty more! After a few days of that I moved to a new hostel more central to Pest (Grund Hostel – Recommended) and decided to go take a look at the famous Turkish bath houses that are scattered around Budapest. I ended up in one of the classier ones which was damn impressive and extremely relaxing – I spent 4.5 hours soaking in 36C & 38C pools, moving to 60C Stream rooms, 40-90C saunas and jumping into 18C plunge pools over and over again… I think my heart hated me for that one.

Anyway thats where I met Jack, Zach and Morgan and thats where any touristy stuff ended!

That night we met up with a group of Ozzies (and 2 scottish girls) and headed to a big outdoor event by the river. 2 stages (1 playing rock/heavy metal and the other playing pop/dance etc) with a giant bar in the middle. It was great fun and was meant to be the last night for everyone there (apart from).

The next day I was lying in bed very hungover and the receptionist asked if I wanted 2 more hungover room mates… who turned out to be Zach & Jack and soon after was the creation of the Superbed!

<Insert Superbed photo when I get it>

Used for sleeping, recovery drinking, watching peepshow and trying to get over the next hangover. It also confuses both staff & any new roommates!

Next day Jack & Zach were about to checkout and leave Budapest again but receptionist said in the morning “Guys you don’t have to go anywhere today, Budapest is coming to you” – Turns out that all the Hungarian soon to be uni students were getting their results today and the big street party to celebrate (or drink sorrows) was happening outside our hostel! They stayed and once again we had a great day & night drinking with a load of students and confusing them with our presence at a random event!

Finally all 3 of us were being kicked out of the hostel due to not booking any places and losing the superbed so we were going to call it and be done with Budapest but once again the receptionist (Flora) asked if we wanted to go to a mini festival up in the forests that night. It sort of solved a couple problems as we wouldn’t need to find anywhere to stay (it went on till morning) and it did sound good.

A caffine filled night of drinking, drugs and raving like a madman until the sun comes up and then crashing on the sofa’s at a hostel we aren’t staying at before finally leaving Budapest.

It’s always hard to leave a city once you understand it. Defiantly something comforting about knowing the public transport system, knowing where to eat, drink, party, relax as well as having a small base of friends. I’m sad to leave but it must be done… now onto Moscow via a 36 hour train ride!


  1. Dear Leon!

    Hope u r having the best time! Without any problems on ur journey to Beijing!

    Keep us posted whatever u do, see… I enjoyed reading it!

    Lovely women Masha from Adagio hostel ; )

    P.S. I had the biggest smile when i read what u wrote about me and my Hostel : ) Thanx Leon!

    Be safe! Ciaoooooo

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