I was writing notes at random intervals on the train so this is sort of broken up.

Well its time for my first long (36 hour) train journey from Budapest to Moscow via the Ukraine – First impressions as the train rolls into the station “Wow thats so Russian!” and thats about all I can do to explain it 😛

The cabin is of course small (3 berth, cheapest) but I do like the little nooks and crannys that hide things (like sink under table, storage under seats, fridge under stool etc).

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Belgrade & Budapest

Waiting on Zack to upload his photos to facebook… until he does this post will be a wall of text / placeholders!

Belgrade – Serbia

After the festival Sho, Alfie, Danny, Becca & Myself went to Belgrade for a couple days and to be honest I don’t have much to say about the city. It’s strangely arranged so you tend not to find what you are looking for and all the places that open late are on weird little streets. Nothing much happened in the time we were there, couple normal nights out and thats about it.

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