Well it took me a couple hours to gather the energy to do it but got my packing sorted now and thought I would share what I ended up going with:

Out of the huge pile of books I ended up keeping the Trans-Sib handbook, 2 small phrase books, small notepad and an English grammar book for study.

Tissues (festival toilet without them = bad idea), basic toiletries, spare batteries, playing cards (drinking games!), few t-shirts and shirts (1 smart), travel towel, hat & sunglasses, 4 pairs of shorts (2 swimming), sleeping bag, tent, cutlery, chopsticks, huge wad of paperwork (visas, copies of visas, spare photo, train tickets, festival tickets, some euros, rubles, and whatever the others are) and the rest is electrical…

Netbook + Charger
Nintendo DS + Charger
Plug adapter (1 for Europe / Russia, 1 for China)
Plug > USB thingy and USB cables to charge everything else
Mp3 Player
USB Stick
Head torch

It’s more stuff than I had with me in Australia and still most of it I *could* leave behind but would be nice on the way 🙂

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